Junghwa Park [juhng-hwa bahk] is a Korean-born, and Jersey City based illustrator. She graduated from BFA Illustration School of Visual Arts in 2014. Her illustration is inspired by her home that has nature, family farm, craft, and organic life. Her illustrations were published by various clients such as magazine, newspaper, home good, and advertising. Her life mission is sharing her happiness with the world. She applies her happiness to everywhere with her boundless craft skills. 

Edible Manhattan / Cockroach Lab / Hee Seo Foundation / Pottery Barn / The Washington Post / Poetry Foundation / The Calyx / Scoop Kids Magazine / Edible Vineyard Magazine / Le Parc Du Chocolat / Papercrown / Pow! / The Boston Globe / Momentum Magazine / Caffe Bene / Havas Worldwide / North American Review Magazine

Who’s Got My Tail / Brunch Magazine / Verlocal / Renegade Craft

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