Twigg's Bindery is a modern atelier located in heart of Brooklyn's cultural district. We've been manufacturing both luxury journals and everyday notebooks since 2010 and have captured the attention of people who love books and value the art of hand-craft. Through design and education, Artist and Owner Jonna Twigg is expanding the reach of Twigg's Bindery and establishing it as a destination for anyone in need of a place to write, plan, draw or dream. 

I met Twigg's Bindery and Jonna January 2016. Twigg's Bindery was such a cute and lovely places with her handmade books, vintage furniture, and arrangement. Jonna was greeting me with big smile and soft voice. After few minutes talk, I already liked her. She was very solid and soft at the same time. She was looking for a teacher who has various techniques of craft. She was excited to open class with me after looking my craft. I was also looking for teaching opportunity at that time. I had some good memories teaching. I really enjoy to take that role and find my happiness from teaching. 

We spent almost two months to launch classes. 


Felt Class: Felt Bouquet

In Spring, I progressed a seasonal class for Mother's day. Class was about basic of felt craft and how to apply. Lot of people came in with love and sweet. There were two mid 30 years old guys came in. They were planning to send their bouquet to Mexico and Ohio. With their huge hands, they made the most beautiful and lovely flowers for mom. Another impressive guests were mom and daughter from Chelsea. Mom made her mom's flowers and daughter made flowers for mom. They all made one kind bouquet for their most special person in the world. 



Embroidery Class

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Embroidery was the most popular class. I guided people through the basics of handmade embroidery. Lot of people came in with different reasons. Most people wanted to have new hobby. Some guests were already crafter, and wanted to mix with their craft such as quilt, leather, and felt.

I started to explain the basics of embroidery: tools, supplies, stitches and possibility of embroidery with reference photos. I discussed if they have anything particular goals to learn and curated for each of guests. I let people to express their own personalities instead of copying my style. One guest brought her sketchbooks with full of her line drawing. I gave her line stitch ideas that she can apply. I also spent time with each guests to make sure they understood because each people have different style of understanding. 

Whenever guests mastered with specific point that had difficulty, it is please to look their satisfaction. Also, it is worth to teach when people create works with my teaching, and their creativity. Even if the purpose of my class is learning skill, I always focus to guide people to find their own voice.


Leather Class

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Another main class is Basic Leather Class that guests can make daily items such as coin purse, card wallet, sunglasses case, tassel and etc. Out of leather, people can make item simply. But it is hard to make finest leather item. Leather craft is one of the craft that can be easily frustrate. Because you need time, concentration, strength, and mathematic sensibility. I taught people with encouragement and craft skill with 'cheating skill' which is simple but you look better than what you do. 

I also had ten years old girls in Leather Class. Birthday girl's mom wanted to have birthday party with leather craft and bookbinding class. What a arty birthday party! I never thought a birthday party with craft class. That could be a best birthday party to then years old me. I made sure girls do not handle with any dangerous tools in the class. Instead, I showed details of those tools to them. When I showed demo of cutting leather with Japanese leather knife, girls caught something that I never thought about. They exclaimed with sound of cutting leather! They said it is similar with cutting frog's stomach in science class. They asked me to do more to listen to the sound.