Most of my work contains nature, childhood with the question of conflicting between infinite and finite. Because all my fundamental question is about a root of human nature : human nature. People ask all different kind of question about themselves, universe, and life. Through this united question in nature, I, as a same human kind, want to communicate with everybody through art. 


My most fundamental question is self consciousness that finite rational being and infinite rational being between limitation that one of the most fundamental question to the person. People asked this fundamental question on everything. Since we born in nature, get a right in life, this question is essential doubt to human. For example in my work, the picture book, ‘Hide and Seek,’ could just look like children’s book that two animal characters play hide and seek game. However, whole story of this book is conflicting between finite and infinite between two different characters. middle line of each page means a limitation of conflict and Lion on the left side represents finite that hesitates to go over limitation line. Even if lion try to go over limitation line like bunny character on the right side, whole book shows lion is only be in left side of page.  This endless questions is like human nature. Because life is not about result it is about process like processing of self-consciousness. 


This question starts with my beginning of American life. Since culture and language boundaries were a big problem in communication, i started to communicate with myself, and fell into my thought. Whenever i want to escape from reality, I create my own world through art. I fell into art instead of drug like how people usually escape from reality. I did not even know what i create, and later I was creating my own world in my dream at night. Since I create art with my fantasy, art becomes the method of communication between me and people over culture and language boundaries. Since art is the method that ask the most fundamental question to person, it does not have any boundaries if itself is the person. Therefore, I can communicate my life and idea with someone's life and philosophy. 


I have always been inspired by nature. Since I think about nature of human, I does not only question about essential question of human made, but I also questioned about basis of human which is where we belonged. People can not never deny we are a part of nature and never can not escape from nature. Since nature exist, we are created in the earth. I get inspired by this essential nature. All the question is we, human, make it. And every answer is in the nature. Nature is alway exist. we just forget about it.

My work style is friendly and easy to approach into work. I choose lot of character form shape in my art. This childhood style is what I like to do when I was pure about myself. As I try to go back to my youth, I am looking for and try to show real myself though art. And with this friendly form of art, people do not need to show rejection to art. people can just enjoy art with their own way. people do not need to know what I try to say through art. Some people might enjoy to find detail, some people could love color, and some people might find their own life.


With the idea of human nature, I want to communicate with everybody. I create half of art with my thought and life background. After that, other people join my art with their own life to complete a meaning of art.